Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Dress Up Day!

So I guess one of the benefits of Mommy being a dance teacher to little girls is that Kayden gets her pick of pink, fluff, tutus, fairy wings, wands, tiaras, and dresses to try on at her whim. I happened upon the Disney Store closing sale yesterday at Dulles Town Center to find an enormous selection of Cinderella dresses at $15 a piece. Anddd...they just so happen to work with my summer camp theme this year so away to the counter we went...12 dresses in hand:) Of course we had to pick up some other Disney paraphanalia...I mean, it was all on sale...right? Here are some of Kayden's adventures this morning dressing up as Cinderella, playing with her tinkerbell bracelet and necklace and drinking from her first big girl cup (Cinderella of course!).

Drinking from my first Cinderella Big Girl Cup!

My New Tinkerbell Necklace and Bracelet

Cinderella Kayden

And there goes the Princess

I hear that the Children's Place is having a crazy $2.99 sale....may have to check that out today to get ready for next winter. She's already a 2T so I think I'll be looking for the (gasp!) 3T's.....Ahhh where did my baby go?

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