Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haircuts and Rollerskates

A busy week again for the Johnsons!  I ran in a 5k and Kayden had a haircut, went to gymnastics, made a stop at the playground and rollerskated until she couldn't skate anymore! (Not in that order!!)  Here's the recap on the week:

Hopping down the stairs like a big girl!


Yes, that polka dotted blur is Kayden jumping off the springboard at gymnastics!  Even that big girl says "whoa"! My competition ballerinas better look out..Kayden's working on her C jump:)

Off to Eclips for a mini spa day.  Nothing like Chocolate shampoo and a good blow least we're not dealing with the diaper kind anymore!!


The final product.  Look at that angel face!

Off to the next event: Roller Skating.  She strapped on her helmet and away she skated! Nevermind her old lady sweater.

Apparently the sweater was holding her back.  Away it went along with the skates....on to the scooter event.  As you can see, the competition was at least two full scooter lengths behind....thanks to neighbors  Allie and Sam for letting Kayden scoot into the lead for a moment.


Looking forward to our last week of the session before a week "off" to play!  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the  mid 80's which means lots of outdoor pictures! Stay Tuned:)


Brambleton Ribbon Run

What an awesome event!  Tiny Toes Dance Academy was so excited to be a part of such a great fundraiser again this year!  Here are some shots of our ballerinas and our booth.  Looking forward to next year already:)


6:45 AM - Pre-race shot. Sporting tutus in 40 degree weather - now that's dedication!

7:20 - The sun is up! Ready to race!

7:30-Lined up and ready to go!

End of race - not our best time, but finished nonetheless:)

Kayden and Hilary, a favorite one of her ballerinas!


Some Tiny Toes visitors at our booth:)


Thanks Step Sisters, and everyone involved with the Brambleton Ribbon Run for another great event this year!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brambleton Ribbon Run

Come visit Tiny Toes Dance Academy at our booth this Saturday starting at 6:30 AM at the Brambleton Ribbon Run 5k, 10k and Kid's Fun Run!  The race is to support the Step Sisters and raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  


Looking forward to seeing our dancers and participating in this great event again this year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sam's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Kayden's good friend and neighbor, Sam! We celebrated with him this  morning at his clubhouse a few doors down:)

En Route to Sam's House

With Allie playing Pin the Hat on the Mickey!


Maia's Turn!

Time for some food!! Kayden loves hot dogs!


Happy Birthday Sweet Sam!!

New Additions to TTDA Leesburg Retail

Send in the rabbits!  Courtesy of Dancing Crow Primitives, we have some new additions to our retail store at Tiny Toes Dance Academy in Leesburg.  Come check out our new Summer schedule too!


Easter Bunny Pins - $4.50

Felt Rose Pins $4.50

Yo Yo Hair Ties (or Tap Shoe Ties) - $3.00

Ballerina Pillows -$10 each