Sunday, January 10, 2010

The First Week Came and Went.....

.......and we survived! The first week at Tiny Toes was full of wonderful little ballerinas, new and returning! So good to see everyone again and get back into our routine of classes! Kris has stepped back into another busy winter training at his 2 locations in addition to traveling to schools and organizations. He has also hired a bunch of interns that started this week so he has been busy working with them to get them up to speed.
Kayden is really starting to put together two word sentences and is adding "please" when asking for something (yay! finalllly!!). Kris took her to swim lessons at Ida Lee on Saturday and she loved it! She was taking direction from the teacher and actually kicking her legs and paddling with her arms! I am hoping this doesn't detract from her love of ballet haha! (A new word of hers this week!!)
Friday Kris and I went out to P.F. Chang's in Fairfax thanks to Taylor and Hilary, two of my dancers, who so generously gave us a gift certificate for dinner. We really enjoyed spending some time together, away from computers, phonecalls, iPhones and Blackberrys. Afterwards, we met up with an old friend of mine, Sarah Davis - it was wonderful to catch up and reminisce about old times! I hope to take some dance classes again with her very soon:)
I definitely need to get back into the classroom....really missing being challenged physically and mentally through dance. Teaching the babies at Tiny Toes is wonderful and a stress-reliever. As rewarding as teaching my older and advanced students can be, it leaves me drained and frustrated at times. I need some classes to spark my creativity and re-ignite my love for dance!!
Up this week:
-Looking forward to meeting up with Val Cavalheri tomorrow about Tiny Toes and Kayden's Closet photography!
-Have some more financing meetings for Tiny Toes - Friday is a big one!
-Should have a design meeting - tbd
-Researching Teacher conventions and figuring out where my trip will be for this year.

Kris and I sat down after another amazing Church service at Cornerstone Chapel and had our monthly Johnson Household meeting. This really helps us get on the same page about monthly goals in our businesses, personally, and financially. We're both very excited about January!

Looking forward to warmer temperatures this week and getting some answers by the end of this week:)

~The Johnsons

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