Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, the week came and went...just like they all seem to be flying by anymore! Kayden went to swim class and loved it again! She practiced going underwater and sang a lot of the songs (in her own little language). She's repeating almost everything we say to her and her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! She's up to about 50 words and counting! Oh yea! She's counting! She can say One, Two, and Three!
The "terrible twos" are also starting to creep up on us.....she's being fussy about eating, sometimes not wanting to take a nap and having random outbursts about absolutely nothing!
Above is a picture of our once good eater, picking away at food she used to love! What the heck!?

I had a good meeting last week and should know more this week about the future of TTDA! Also have had some interesting requests for TTDA to grow in some unconventional ways...more to come on this as well!

Kris had a long and stressful week, but keeps plugging away. His company got their first royalty check for the lacrosse DVD that they made - about 50 have sold already! woohoo! Their soccer video has finished production and should be out on the market within a month or so!

I made some progress in the loft this week - all cleaned and organized! And I'm all ready for my taxes to be prepared for both businesses. On deck for this week: Organizing eBay items and getting our home finances in order.

Hope everyone has a great week and gets a lot accomplished!

~The Johnsons

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