Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow My Goodness!

The official reading today in Leesburg was 34.5" for our February 5-6 Blizzard! Kris spent a good part of Friday shoveling to get ahead of the mounds of snow that came Friday night into Saturday....then spent Saturday morning digging out what Mother Nature so kindly left for us.  Loudoun County Schools are already cancelled for Monday and Tuesday and we're supposed to get another 10-12" Tuesday night.....I hope all of this settles down before next weekend when I head to NYC:)

Kayden currently measures 33.5" tall....this snow storm had  her beat! But not in spirit!  Friday night, we went on a family walk around the block (around 11:00 PM) and Saturday she kept pointing outside and saying "walk!" "walk!".....she loves the snow! Sliding around in it, digging with her shovel, eating it! I can't wait till next year when we can take her skiing!!

Our nighttime walk Friday night!

The Biggest Snowballs Ever!

Kayden loves to catch snowflakes on her tongue!

Helping us dig out!

34.5" !!

Besides all this snow business.... Kris and I had a really fun and productive weekend!  Saturday Kris and I (mainly Kris) worked in the basement - he hung the drywall where the fireplace used to be and fixed the ceiling.  Same with the Bathroom where we had the leak. Today he threw the mud up and tomorrow he'll sand....should be ready to paint by the middle of the week....just in time for the next whopper of a storm!

Our neighbors Terry, Regina and Maia came over last night for dinner and a baby date!
Kayden and Maia both wanted to dress up as Cinderella and I was HAPPY to assist:)

Looking forward to another exciting week in Princess land:)

~The Johnsons

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