Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hippity Hop! Easter week!

Luckily the week before Easter was our break this year! Yay! Here's the brief recap of what we did all week!

Day 1: The Farm!  We went to Frying Pan Farm and park and had a great time!  Kayden got to see a peacock, cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. Her favorite were the baby piglets!

I can't tell if this goat is smiling or plotting.....



Day 2: The Bouncy House! Kayden is Miss Independent here - apparently I'm not cool enough to go on the equipment with her.  She says "no Mommy...just me!". SO off she went while I watched my little girl fend for herself a la bouncyland.

Day 3: The Mall ...because that's where every 2.5 year old wants to go, right?  Well, at least they have a carousel and a train ride...and Mommy is running out of free/cheap ideas: First stop-storytime at Borders


Then the "Spinny one" on the Carousel:


Daddy to the rescue! Day 4: The Baltimore Aquarium!



Day 5: Up to Philly to see Mom Mom and Pop Pop!

Teaching Mom Mom how to use an iPhone!

And finally, EASTER!  The Bunny came through:) Off to church we went and enjoyed a relaxing day at home!



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