Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever

So this weather made us a little crazy to get outside today!  Kayden and I had a "gearl's" day beginning with the "Egg Place" (Eggspectation) for breakfast.  She enjoyed placing her napkin on her lap like a proper lady, and eating the green and orange melon fruits.  We ended the event with another successful potty trip.  Yahoo!  We are one whole week strong with NO accidents and no pull ups (not even for naps or nighttime). So maybe with the $$ I'm saving I really could get that new iPad that she's (I mean I've) been drooling over.  Just sayin'.

Next, off to Gymnastics at our old favorite activity place JW Tumbles.  Kayden is doing MUCH better this time around with the structured circle time and following directions.  Love seeing how excited she gets when she knows that it's Friday, and that means activity day!  




Did I mention that it was 75 degrees here today? Yep...we had to take advantage of it!


So, off we went to find some lunch (with Daddy, of course).....

Where did we end up playing some hide and seek?


at our stompin' ground,  Del Rio, of course!  We had Saul (our fav. waiter) and some Summery Spirits to celebrate the occasion: A Nice Day. Finally.



See ya later, Winter!



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